Informative meeting of Syrian Women's Council in al-Raqqa

The Syrian Women's Council organized today a meeting of the women of the people's municipalities in the city of al-Raqqa and its villages for the empowerment and political development of women in the municipality of the city's people.

The Syrian Women's Council continues to hold more seminars and informative meetings of the Council and its objectives. In this regard, a meeting was held for women working in the municipalities of the people in al-Raqqa.

The meeting began with holding a minute of silence and then on behalf of the Syrian Women's Council Lina Barakat spoke  about to the need to eliminate political illiteracy for women, "because the objectives and items of the council is to participate in the peaceful solution of the Syrian crisis and in the committees drafting the new constitution to ensure the rights of women.

She pointed out that women's awareness and effective participation will be able to resolve the Syrian crisis and restore the glamor of women to society.

"Through our activities we try to appreciate this awareness and political literacy among women through seminars and workshops to introduce the most important international conventions to empower women politically wherever they are," she said.

The meeting ended with opening the discussion to the attendees for questions and inquiries about activating the role of women and their development and political empowerment.




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