Indescribable ongoing violations in Afrin

The continuing violations in Afrin forced him to pay the rent of his house to live in, and he was beaten by mercenaries of Sultan Murad, and they stole the contents of his house, in addition to stealing all the houses of the village, even the mosque, and uprooting the olive trees.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continue with their violations against the indigenous people in Afrin, as well as their attempts of forced displacement to change the demography of the region.

Among those violations is the tragic story of the citizen (N, M), who is 62 years old, and he is from one of the villages in the district of Shara, affiliated to Afrin, where he left the occupied canton for nearly 20 days.

Untold robberies that start at homes and end in mosques

Citizen (N, M) talked about the thefts that took place in the occupied canton of Afrin, where he described it as the profession that generates money for mercenaries, as daylight thefts have become public before everyone's eyes, where the mercenaries stole all the contents of his house and that of his son, even they removed the cables of the internal electrical wiring.

And he continues his story by saying: "One night I woke up, and I found that the mercenaries stole my shoes and fishing tools, in addition to some other things. They stole everything from the village, until the village mosque stole all its contents."

He was beaten because he wanted to protect his home

After the mass displacement of mercenary families from the countryside and the city of Idlib towards Afrin as a result of the military operations, the citizen (N, M) notes that the demographic change operations increased at a very high rate, as it did target him at first hand, and he says in this regard: “In front of my house more than 23 large tents have been erected, inhabited by the mercenaries’ families backed by the Turkish occupation army, and at this moment our life turned into hell. "

He went on to say: “The next day I went to the house of one of my relatives, to consult him about the intention of leaving the village, to be surprised by a call from my wife, telling me: The mercenaries are breaking the door of the house. I rushed to the house, and I found elements of Sultan Murad mercenaries with the mercenary families I asked them about the reason, and they answered me: The house no longer belongs to you, it is ours. And when I confronted them, they hit me with the back of the weapon, and they opened fire in the air. "

I rented a room in my own house for 13 thousand Syrian pounds

Then he continued, saying: “After hitting me they dragged me, and they continued to break the door, so they entered their families into my house, and they told me: they will live with you, whether you like it or not. They gave me a room from my house for 13,000 Syrian pounds which I was allowed to rent until I am ready to leave my village. "

The mercenaries have inhabited more than seven families in a house (N, M), and deprived him of most basic rights inside his home, such as going to the kitchen as if he wanted to eat, he was told he must buy food, and he was denied going to the toilet, too.

Uprooting olive trees, selling them before the owners’ eyes

Citizen (N, M) pointed out that the mercenaries of Sultan Murad are trying to uproot olive trees on a daily basis, especially at night, where they have cut down 17 trees belonging to the citizen (N, M), in addition to looting all the olive harvest, as nothing deterred them.

According to citizen (N, M), some families dared to file complaints with the Turkish occupation army against the mercenaries who randomly cut down trees, so the Turkish officer responded to them: "Bring a video clip at night confirming that they are from the factions to deal with."

Citizen (N, M) also confirmed that when one of the people in the village of Maydanki prevented the mercenaries from cutting down his trees, the mercenaries executed him in the field, and buried his body in the field, where the number of trees they cut in that field is estimated at 300 trees.

As a result of those practices to which he (N, M) was subjected to, he preferred displacement, and left his possessions and properties up for grabs to the mercenaries, and he headed to the city of Aleppo.



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