Independent politician: Syrians are interested in resolving this stage important to start dialogue

The independent politician Abdul Aziz Hamdoush, who participated in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue forum, said that the foreign agendas do not want a solution to the Syrian crisis and that the Syrians are interested in solving it, adding that this stage is important to start the national dialogue after defeating terrorism in its last pockets.

On March 27, the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) held a third Syrian-Syrian dialogue forum in the city of Kobani under the slogan "From the Syrian Social Contract Towards the New Democratic Era", with the participation of representatives of parties, political and social blocs, independent personalities, human rights activists and journalists.

On the role of the Forum in resolving the Syrian crisis, and who are the parties that hinder solutions to the crisis and why, Abdul Aziz Hamdoush, who attended the forum to the answered questions of ANHA correspondent.

Hamdoush said about the Syrian-Syrian dialogue forum, "We have called for the third Syrian-Syrian dialogue meeting to take national considerations."

"The Syrian crisis has witnessed great tragedies and catastrophes against the homeland and the citizen. During these years, a series of meetings were held outside the country, all of which could not solve the crisis and did not produce a result," he said.

Hamdoush said that on the other hand, "if the Syrians are the ones involved in the solution, it is natural to be the creators and the way for this is direct dialogue between them, in terms of the place we find the land of Syria the most appropriate to reunite the Syrians after becoming a witness to tournaments and sacrificing its children. "

"We believe in terms of timing that this stage is very important to start the national dialogue after the decline and defeat of terrorism and the liberation of the last pockets al-Bagouz, and the rest is the Turkish occupation directly.

Hamdoush pointed out that one of the most important issues that must be addressed is resolving the historical misunderstanding. He said, "We must reconsider the fixed national concepts and adopt the criteria of the political solution, first and foremost the territorial unity of Syria and the people and to counter the attempts to manipulate Syrian geography through occupation or creating hotbeds of terrorism. The existence and cultural diversity and the consolidation of the concepts of coexistence and legalization in a decentralized democratic system. In other words, we have not created a new term, but we look forward to a democracy compatible with the historical reality and absorb the reality.

There are parties that hinder the political solution

Hamdoush commented on what hinders the provision of solutions to the Syrian crisis. "There are certain external parties that hinder the political solution and are working to impose their agendas, while their approach to the crisis is their interests and strengthening their influence on the geopolitical location of Syria, not the interest of the Syrian people, those rival sides worked and are working on impeding the political solution. "

"The Syrian people have a strong will, and what is being circulated about the" vacuum "in northern Syria is virtual and an evidence of international and regional competition. There is no vacuum in an area where different components managed to lead their life and liberate villages and towns from terrorism themselves.

Hamdoush pointed out that what is currently required of the major countries is "to end the Turkish occupation completely and put an end to occupational projects and remove it from the Syrian territories. The national dialogue is the only way to resolve the crisis and declare the national victory to all Syrians."

"We hope that there will be extensive meetings that will contribute to the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, which will be joined by all the Syrian people and bring things back on track," said the independent politician Abdul Aziz Hamdoush.


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