Increase in divorce cases ... causes, outcomes, proposed solutions

The statistics of women's organizations in Girkê Legê area indicates that there has been an unprecedented rise in divorce cases over the past two years, and the Women's House and Kongra Star officials attribute it to minor marriage and migration, in addition to poor living conditions. 

Over the past two years, the cases of divorce and separation between spouses have increased significantly, as the women organizations and institutions have received 272 cases, although not all of them have ended with divorce; however, this statistic has raised the concern of women organizations and institutions. Therefore, they are currently organizing seminars and lectures, and putting a program to reduce this phenomenon, which disintegrates society.

The citizen (Z, A) is 27 years old. She was forced to marry the first time when she was 13 years old because of social customs and traditions to be turned into a machine to give birth as she said, and the fate of the marriage was divorce after giving birth to six children. She married for the second time in the 24-year-old, and the fate of the second marriage was also divorce, while now, she is demanding her rights.

The issue of (Z, A) is not very different from about 272 cases that have been received by women organizations and institutions in less than a year and a half. They relate to issues of marital differences and separation between spouses. According to statistics of the Reconciliation Committee at the Women's House in Girkê Legê, 272 cases of marital disputes and the couple discrimination have been received by the Women's House within a year and a half, with an average of two cases per day.

Marriage of minors, migration and poor living conditions are among the most important reasons

The psychological counselor, who works in the Kurdish Red Crescent Janda Khalifi, has noted that early marriage or marriage of minors is one of the main reasons for the failure of marital life because the spouses are not qualified to perform the responsibilities of marital life psychologically and socially.

Activists in women organizations have also pointed to the phenomenon of migration as one of the reasons for divorce, as the husband or wife's migration alone to European countries h increased, thus, their social life style changes, leading to divorce. Furthermore, some parents also marry young women to persons living abroad without knowing them well, leading to marriage failure.

This was confirmed by the administrator in the Women's House in the district of Girkê Legê Hadiyya Khalaf, noting that many of the divorces that were caused by the migration of one of the spouses abroad obtained by the Women's House.

In addition to the social customs, traditions and so-called "traditional marriage," as these traditions do not allow the couple to recognize each other in a way that ensures harmony in the future after marriage.

According to the psychologist Janda Khalifi and the administrator at the Women's House Hadiyya Khalaf, they are contacting with Kongra Star as well as with the women's communes on the organization of seminars and awareness lectures on the need to abide by the laws pertaining to women, as well as the damage and social consequences of spouses divorce.



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