In response to challenges, Pentagon is about to redeploy its forces in world

The US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said on Thursday that Washington is about to begin a forthcoming redeployment of forces worldwide during the current year.

The US Defense Secretary Mark Esper told reporters that this step comes in the framework of efforts to refocus the Pentagon on the challenges represented by China and Russia.

Esper  said he does not want to set a strict time frame to complete what he called a review of defense policies amid expectations that it would lead to a redeployment of troops.

He added: “If I were to set a deadline (for review), I want to stress that we will be in a slightly better position by the beginning of the next fiscal year.”

The US Secretary of Defense was talking about the fiscal year that begins on the first of next October according to what Reuters reported. He added: “So I want to move quickly.”

Esper made these statements during a visit to Miami, as he began to review the military missions in Latin America as part of a comprehensive global assessment of the redeployment of troops, hoping that it would allow him to direct more troops to Asia and return other forces to the country.

The proliferation review sessions in Africa – suggested to be held on Friday - raise expectations within the Pentagon of a modest reduction in West Africa, and many US officials are concerned about the growing strength of strict militants there, while no decision has been made yet.

As the US military seeks to deal more firmly with China, the military's southern leadership believes that Latin America should be pivotal in achieving this.

According to the US military data, Chinese naval visits to the region's ports have increased by 70% over the past five years, and Beijing is boosting arms sales, infrastructure investments and trade with Latin American countries.

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