In response to Astana guarantors, Syrian regime... Omar: they must give up exclusionary mentality

The co- chair of the Syrian Democratic Council SDC sent a message to the guarantors of Astana and the Syrian regime, demanding the necessity of abandon the exclusionary mentality, in response to Astana 's outcomes.

Under the supervision of Russia, Turkey and Iran held on December the 14th round of Astanas meetings in the Kazakhistan capital of Astana , and this round also ended without agreement and return of accusations to the Democratic Autonomlous Administration of NE, Syria and SDF.

And on the outputs of Astana's 14th round, what the guarantor parties stated, and the recent statements of the regime, the joint head of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, stated to our agency, and confirmed their rejection of the accusations against AA's project, and called on all parties to abandon exclusionary mentality and to be democracy.

Amina Omar said at the beginning of her talk to ANHA agency, "The 14th Astana tour, as its predecessors did not come out with tangible results, and returned to directing accusations to AA and the SDF, and described it as separatism, and in our turn we reject all these outputs and accusations, and we consider these outputs and the positions of the sponsors of Astana negative attitudes, and they lack for projects to reach the end of the Syrian crisis, which negatively affect the solution of the crisis, given its disregard for AA's project that represents peoeples' will in the region, and which has the right to solve the Syrian crisis. "

And SDC during its three conference which held in Aın Issa and kobani, under the title of the Syrian-Syrian Dialogue, stressed the necessity of gathering the Syrian opposition inside and abroad, cooperating on  future benefits, and communicate  the idea and experience of AA and its political and social developments to all parties, and introducing the experience and project of combating extremism and terrorism, and the experience of stability and construction at inside and openness to political forces at inside and abroad

And about the statment 's Syrian regime about AA's project Amina Omar refered  that “the Syrian regime is completely far from reality through its statements about the DAA project and the Autonomous Administertion in NE, Syria has worked realistically through the period of the Syrian crisis by preserving the unity of the syrian trrritory And the providing   services through its institutions to the citizens, and what is circulated by the regime towards the SDF and AA shows the absence of the regime  will for dialogue to reach solutions to outstanding problems between the two parties, and to reach a constitution that serves all components in the future.

The co-chair of the Syrian Democrtatic Council SDC sent in her statement to Hawar news agency (ANHA) a message to the Syrian regime and the guarantor countries of Astana, saying"We are the owners of a national project, and we have a political vision to solve the Syrian crisis, by stressing on  the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, and rejecting military solutions that are only led to the destruction, murder, and displacement that do not benefit the Syrians, on the contrary it increases the suffering of the Syrians, and represents external agendas with  ambitions, and the exclusionary mentality and be democracy, accept the other, and reach a will to reach a solution to this crisis."

About the seriousness of the Russian sides in ensuring serious negotiations between the Syrian regime and AA Amina Omar confirmed that "until now Russia did not provided any guarantees and all its attempts remain as media only through continuous statements, and till today it has not seriously provided  guarantees for any type of dialogue between the DAA and the Syrian regime .



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