​​​​​​​In preparation for the attack on Tarhuna, Turkey sends thousands of mercenaries to Libya

Turkey has sent ships loaded with thousands of Syrian mercenaries and military equipment to the Libyan coast, in preparation for a military attack on the city of Tarhuna, the main stronghold of the Libyan army in the west of the country.

Al-Arabiya- Net reported that ships loaded with Syrian mercenaries docked at the end of last week at sea off the Libyan coast, and from there they were transported to the Libyan beaches with fishing boats.

And a Libyan army officer quoted one of the fishermen who participated in the process of delivering the Syrian fighters to Garabulli Beach, that at least 14 boats were involved in the process of transporting mercenaries at night from the sea to land, each boat made 4 trips at a rate of 20 fighters per trip for 500 dinars Libyan.

He added that the mercenaries were unarmed, but they wore military clothes and carried sports bags of small size, and armed groups took them as soon as they reached the beach and transported them by four-wheel drive vehicles.

The Libyan army also revealed a move by accord forces to carry out a major military attack on the city of Tarhuna (65 km east of Tripoli) during the upcoming days with Turkish support, from elements and military equipment, where a large concentration in Garabulli axis (50 km east of Tripoli), and armed gatherings were monitored in the areas of al-Naam and social security project and near the Nour Mosque.

The army also confirmed that it had witnessed a large and new arsenal of weapons and an unprecedented military weight on the outskirts of the city, especially armored and military vehicles loaded with various types of weapons.

This comes after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, in a televised speech on Monday after presiding over a cabinet meeting, that he would soon return "good news from Libya," noting that Turkey continues to support accord government in Tripoli in the face of the Libyan army forces led by Khalifa Haftar



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