In mass demo... Manbij people demand disclosing status of leader, Ocalan

Thousands of Manbij people came out in a mass demonstration to denounce the outbreak of fire on the island of Emrali, demanding to uncover the health of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, during which they held all the responsibility on the Turkish state and all Human Rights  Organizations for anything that happens to Ocalan.

The demonstration started in front of the Euphrates Hospital, and the demonstrators carried pictures of the leader, Ocalan and the flags of the Movement of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth, as well as banners that read: "Erdogan is a killer, yes to the freedom of the leader Apo, no one can block our sun, hand in hand to defeat the occupation."

When the demonstrators arrived at the municipal stadium, member of the Council of the Martyrs Families, Mohammed Radwan Jamal, read a statement saying:

 "After the news of a fire on the island of Imrali, and the threat to the health and safety of Abdullah Ocalan and those detained with him.

As the peoples of the region, and from here from Manbij, we consider what is happening on the Island of Emrali a continuation of the conspiracy and isolation of the icon of freedom, Ocalan.

These barbaric actions of the Turkish government only bring more destruction to the region. We call on the international community, human rights organizations and all the free world to press the Turkish government to allow abdullah Ocalan's lawyer and family access to him. "We, as free peoples, hold the Turkish state fully illegal and humanitarian responsibility for Ocalan's health and safety, and that we will continue our sit-ins and our activities until the full status of Abdullah and the rest of the detainees are revealed."

The statement concluded by calling for the disclosure of the health of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and his fellow detainees.



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