In honor of Halabja massacre's martyrs, they held minute of silence

On Saturday morning at 11:00, hundreds of the residents of Qamsihlo city and al-Jazeera region have gathered in massive crowds in the streets and public squares to hold a minute of silence on the souls of the martyrs of Halabja massacre


Saturday marks the anniversary of the massacre of Halabja that was carried out by the Baathist regime on March 16, 1988 against the people of the city of Halabja in Kurdistan Region (south Kurdistan), and more than 5,500 victims were left.

At 11.00, all shops in the city of Qamishlo were closed, and the residents flocked towards the main streets of the city holding the pictures of the martyrs of Halabja, and the pictures of the massacre of the Turkish occupation against the people to hold a minute of silence.

Since 1988, after the Baathist regime has committed a massacre against the Kurdish people in the city of Halabja, the people of Rojava go out to the public streets on the anniversary of the bombardment of Halabja with chemical weapons on March 16 every year. This day is a black day in the history of the Kurdish people in general.



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