Imad Daoud: Syrian Decision under control of Russia, Turkey

Al-Shahba Canton Council's Co-Chair Imad Daoud, said that there are countries that control the Syrian decision, pointing out that the attempts of Turkey and Russia to implement agreements in Idlib in line with their interests collided with the position of the people, referring to the recent popular demonstrations there.

On the latest developments in Syria, especially those in the Idlib region, al-Shahba Canton Council's Co-Chair Imad Daoud said to ANHA Agency that the Sochi and Astana conferences took the decision out of the hands of the Syrian people and put it in the hands of some regional countries such as Turkey, Iran and Russia. 

Daoud pointed out that the displacement of the Syrian people and the killing were the result of plots against the will of this people and the interests of the countries that controlled the resolution.

On the situation in Idlib, Imad Daoud said that bilateral agreements between Turkey and Russia serve the interests of these countries and therefore clashed with the position of the people, referring to the recent popular demonstrations witnessed in Idlib last Friday to reject the Turkish trade in the issue of Idlib.

"This duplication of international policy or double interests has led to the emergence of an international morality-free diplomacy, which has led to war crimes against the Syrian and Middle Eastern peoples," added Imad Daoud.

In the same context he said, " We see the crimes committed in the occupied Afrin by Turkey, even the Syrian state did not give any statement, and it turns out that the crimes committed at this stage against the people in Afrin were the result of international consensus, and there was international diplomatic coverage on these crimes, as we have not found to date statements or positions of any countries or international organizations or human rights, in contrast, we find that the crimes committed in Idlib against unarmed civilians find their way to the global and international arena, are these attitudes towards Afrin and Idlib based on interests?"

Daoud concluded by stressing that Turkey is exploiting the crises of the region to achieve its interests and Ottoman ambitions, and keeping in mind the implementation of " Misak-ı Millî."



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