Ilham Ahmed stresses on need for independence of Kurdish decision

The head of the executive committee of the Syria Democratic Council , Ilham Ahmed, praised the initiative  of SDF'S Commander-in-Chief , that he launched for uniting the Kurdish row. She considered the response of the Kurdish National Council on the initiative  as positive .

The issue of uniting the Kurdish row is at the forefront of the Kurdish political agenda at a time, Turkish threats  are escalating against the Kurds , as the offensive on northeastern Syria continues.

 Various political affiliations of Kurds  agree on the need to unite the Kurdish row in response to the existential threats that threaten them.

 Some parties, however, are blocking Kurdish unity and taking an approach that is in line with the policy of the Turkish state in eliminating the Kurds.

The head of the Executive Committee of Syria Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed,  discussed in an interview with ANHA, several aspects of the political consensus mechanism and efforts of unifying the Kurdish home in the north and east of Syria and duties of the parties, blocs and Kurdish political factions in the region.


"The initiative came at the right time,"

Ilham said, at the outset of her speech, in a reference to the initiative of the Commander-in-Chief of SDF, to reunite the Kurdish home and discourse: "In the light of this chaos and conflicts in the region, this initiative came at the right time;  there is no doubt that the response on this initiative will have a big impact, especially if it is positive."

The commander-in-chief of  SDF, Mazlum Abdi, launched an initiative to unite the Kurdish row after  a similar initiative was launched by the Kurdistan National Congress -Rojava.

'Part of the Council has expressed its willingness to engage in the initiative'

Ilham Ahmed criticized the figures she did not name in the Kurdish National Council who did not react to the initiative : "Some statements and responses to the initiative were issued by some figures within the Kurdish National Council , were not responsible, on the contrary, part of the Council that expressed its willingness to engage in the initiative and work to reach a Kurdish-Kurdish agreement."

 "Those who have the courage will have a key role in the future,"

"At this stage, taking decisive decision and engaging in the initiative will be a historic stance. Those who have the courage to take practical steps and move towards the implementation of the initiative will have a key role in the future," she said pointed to the need to take actions rather than words.

"We stress on the independence of the Kurdish decision."

"perhaps,  as the result of the influence of the  regional powers and internal pressures, we are witnessing this weakness."  She went on "The Kurdish decision is independent. Bold and decisive action will be a historic step towards unifying the Kurdish row and reaching a historic agreement that will be for the interests of the Kurdish people."

'We call on the Council to be careful about the policies of the coalition and Turkey'

The head of the Executive Committee of Syria Democratic Council , Ilham Ahmed, described the recent Kurdish National Council agreement with coalition as 'bold'. She explained that forming a committee to investigate crimes and violations that have occurred and take place in the areas of the Turkey's occupation, halting of the demographic change and return of the displaced to all their areas are positive decisions that must be initiated and worked on, implemented and shared with public opinion."

"Of course this decision is bold, and if the Council holds its responsibility, we urge it to go on this work," she said. " It is well-known that the party that caused these violations cannot show the real results about what had happened  and is happening today, "Starting an investigation with international supervision is very important."

"We call on the Council to be careful about the policies of the coalition and Turkey, which are working to change the  region demographics through the displacement of indigenous people and the settlement of mercenary families in the region.  The Council should holds its responsibilities in this regard." In order not to be a part of  a decision he has not taken."

'Turkey is responsible for the violations'

 Ilham explained that everything that happens in the occupied areas is the responsibility of the parties supporting the extremist factions. She stressed: 'The Turkish side is primarily responsible for all the violations that occur from these groups and factions in the occupied areas, "Turkey is the sponsor and supporter of these radical groups, and therefore, it takes full responsibility for the violations that are taking place there."



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