Ilham Ahmed calls for pressure on Turkey  

The Executive Head of the Syria Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed called on pressuring Turkey to stop its attacks on northern and eastern Syria.

The United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres called for a ceasefire in all conflict zones around the world.

The SDF had declared its commitment to the UN appeal, but the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continued their attacks on areas of northeast Syria.

The United Nations launched the appeal after the deadly Coronavirus spread in most countries of the world, calling for joint efforts to fight the global pandemic. UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, warned that "the worst is yet to come" in conflict zones.

Cease-fire without effective solutions opens the way for new battles

"The call for a ceasefire is good," adding, "But a ceasefire without proper solutions opens the door to new battles." She said.

"With a ceasefire, there must be attempts to find effective solutions to the outstanding problems," she said.

Wars have dire consequences

Ahmed noted that  the SDF's support for the UN appeal, citing the dire consequences of conflicts, saying "The ongoing wars in the world arenas have serious repercussions on nature and the ozone layer, which has destroyed man, his mind and soul. Any process to stop shooting in the world will contribute to the salvation of nature and humanity, bring it back to life and give humanity a chance to re-establish itself."

 The SDF has complied with the UN appeal, but Turkey continues its attacks

Ahmed noted that the SDF took a step in this regard after the UN appeal and announced a halt to operations in northeast of Syria. "But the Turkish state has not stopped its attacks and is continuing to this day," she said.

The Turkish occupation army is bombarding the northeast regions of Syria, particularly the villages on the contact line, forcing the people to flee.

Ahmed stressed the need to control pro-Turkey mercenaries attacks on the northeastern regions of Syria, saying: "These mercenaries are shirking the responsibility for how long will this continue? The international community should press Turkey to know their fate and must take a firm stand towards groups that cannot control it, because they are responsible for the dispersal of Syria and the complexity of the crisis there."

The head of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Council of Syria, pointed out that Turkey evaded all agreements, charters, covenants and international appeals, and called on "the international community, the United Nations, the European Union, America and Russia to put pressure on Turkey to implement international agreements and appeals."



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