If you let wolves eat your brother, you will be replaced

Member of the administrative committee of the Intellectual Union in Al Jazeera region, Kurdyar Direi, referred to the sensitive stage that the Kurdish people are going through, and stressed the need for Kurdish parties to unite their ranks because it protects the presence of the Kurdish people. In this regard, he recalls the proverb "if you let your wolves eat your brother, you should know that you will be replaced."

Zîne Wartê area has witnessed escalation for some time as a result of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) military reinforcements. Observers believe that the ongoing turmoil in this area threatens the unity of the Kurdish rank, and it is preparation for eliminating the gains of the Kurdish people in the region because these reinforcements came in response to the Turkish plans that are hostile to the Kurdish people. 

Member of the administrative committee of the intellectual in Al Jazeera region, Kurdyar Direi, pointed out that Kurdistan was divided among four countries as the result of conspiracies and colonial agreements that aimed at obliterating the identity of the Kurdish people.

"Previously, we witnessed internal Kurdish fighting between the two main spheres of influence in Başûr of Kurdistan; the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party  (KDP). That war claimed thousands of Kurdish people's lives and thousands of martyrs who were supposed to die for the Kurdish Cause," he said.

"Turkey is building its policies on  Kurdish parties' conflicts"

he stressed that the anti-Kurdish states are aware of these mostly clan, family and partisan conflicts. The Turkish colonialism builds its policies and ambitions under these mentalities.

"The Turkish occupation seeks to strike the Kurds with Kurdish hands after it failed to achieve its objectives. We know that Turkish fascism tried repeatedly to occupy the strategic Zîne Wartê between Erbil and Sulaimaniyah, but it failed as a result the People's Defense fighters' resistance in the areas of self-defense. Unfortunately Başûr of Kurdistan parties did not realize the reality of the conspiracies against the Kurdish people," he continued.

"The aim of the Turkish occupation is to strike the Kurds directly wherever they are by creating differences," he added.

Sending Peshmerga forces comes under these plots to create Kurdish-Kurdish fighting, and to eliminate the Kurdish Liberation Movement, in addition to Turkey's quest with other countries occupying the territory of Kurdistan to strike all the gains of the Kurdish people," he said.

"The future is for unity and brotherhood"

"This is a sensitive phase that requires the unity of the Kurdish rank, and to encounter the Turkish fascist conspiracies. The future is for unity and brotherhood.  So on, the Kurds will not exist in the coming history or any bright future," he said.

He stressed that Turkish fascism is seducing some Kurdish parties to join their row, and they should realize that because it does not serve the Kurdish Cause.

"Once KLM is eliminated, other Kurdish parties are going to face the same fate. Turkey has previously stated that it will not allow another quagmire like of Başûr of Kurdistan in Rojava. Turkey has a clear goal, which is to eliminate all the Kurds not a particular party or movement," he said.



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