If Hezbollah launched attack against Israel…Infrastructure would be destroyed

Israeli media reported that the Israeli army minister, Benny Gantz, instructed the army to destroy infrastructure in Lebanon if Hezbollah carried out an attack against Israel.

The newspaper "Israel Hume" quoted senior sources that the Minister of the Army Benny Gantz: "gave instructions to the Israeli army to destroy infrastructure in Lebanon if Hezbollah launched attack against Israel."

The newspaper added: "Gantz ordered the army during a meeting with the Army Staff Command yesterday, and Chief of Staff Kochavi, to prepare a violent response plan, which includes hitting Lebanon's infrastructure, if Hezbollah carried out a retaliation operation for the killing of one of its elements in the recent Israeli raids on Syria."

The Israeli security system expects that Hezbollah is planning a violent attack, while the Israeli army remains on high alert in the border area with Lebanon.

Estimates indicate that the Israeli state of alert shows that it is the largest Israeli military buildup on the Lebanon border since the 2006 war, that the Israeli army has kept its forces on high alert, and that the border forces have been reinforced with advanced artillery, intelligence units, and special forces, adding that the reinforcements come with direct orders from Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

Israeli reports state that the state of alert and preparedness comes in the context of preparing to carry out intense attacks against Hezbollah targets, and the situation may evolve into the outbreak of a battle that may continue for a long time, in a confrontation with the party.



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