Idlib's escalation exhausting Turkey, deep disagreements between world's leaders

Military experts said that Turkey turned into a party in the Syrian war where its forces are being exhausting and will be exploited by Russia to remove these forces from Syria, where the G20 Summit started with deep disagreements between the world's leaders.

The Arab newspaper today touched upon the wars in Syria and the Turkish intervention in the Syrian war and the G20 summit.

Al-Hayat Newspaper: more than 70 dead in Northwest of Syria

In the Syrian crisis, al-Hayat newspaper touched upon the field developments in the region in the so-called the de-escalating area and said that heavy clashes broke out at dawn on Friday in Hama northern countryside which is subjecting to Turkish-Russian agreement which stressed to establish a de-escalating area and the area is witnessing fierce clashes and attacks in addition to shelling since April.

The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights confirmed the killing of 40 elements of the Syrian regime and killing of 31 elements of the hostile factions including 22 elements of the jihadist groups during mutual attacks between the two parties.

The battles started when the Syrian regime launched attacks with the support of aerial and land coverage on the hub of Tal Meleh and al-Jabin in Hama northern countryside which is witnessing fierce battles between the two sides according to the Syrian Observatory for the Human Rights.

AL-Arab Newspaper: the losses in Idlib put pressure on Turkey to withdraw from Syria

In the same context, al-Arab newspaper said that it seems that the escalation in Idlib province has exhausted Turkey during official Turkish reports which noted that the soldiers of the Turkish army are being killed and wounded in the battles with the faction loyal to the Syrian regime army of the president Beshar al-Assad or the factions loyal to the armed Kurdish factions.

Experts see that Turkey turned into a party in the Syria war and the Turkish army will suffer more and offer victims which will put pressures on the AKP led by Erdogan.

The experts see that this situation will exhaust the Turkish army which will be exploited by Russia to put pressure on Turkey to expel it from Syria.

Al-Arab newspaper: the G20 summit calls for harmony amid deep disagreements

In another context Al-Arab newspaper, the G20 summit agendas started in Osaka of Japan with a call to harmony launched by Japan which reflect the new age in the countries and with prominent truce launched by Trump amid deep disagreements between the countries' leaders.

The newspaper said that the Japanese prime minister said that he hopes the countries reach agreement and new understanding in Osaka in referring to the beautiful harmony age which the slogan of the new emperor Akihito.

He called to find common interests between the countries instead of focusing on confrontations.    


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