Idlib… Putin's gift to Erdogan in election

Today, heads of states of Russia, Turkey and Iran will meet in Sochi, Russia. This meeting is a continuation of the Astana series of meetings. The presidents met on September 7 last year in the Iranian capital of Tehran. At that meeting, the pillars of Idlib agreement were shaken. In front of the cameras, President Putin and Erdogan spoke about the representatives of terrorism. We did not see the outcome of the Tehran meeting. The meeting in Sochi between Erdogan and Putin was a failure of the T


Turkey's attempts to distance Iran from international meetings have not been confined to the Sochi meeting. At the Istanbul meeting, new countries such as France and Germany emerged, this meeting was held as an alternative to the meeting between Russia, Turkey and Iran, by Erdogan. Russia supported the meeting, because it wanted to receive material support from European countries for the reconstruction of Syria, and to give a message to Iran. After America warned European countries and formed a small-group to draft a new constitution, the future of the Istanbul meeting entered into the debate.

Germany and France, participated in the Istanbul meeting as representatives of the mini-group. They wanted the meeting to be a continuation of Geneva, to resolve the Syrian crisis in accordance with UN Resolution 2254 and to keep the situation in Idlib. This was to help Turkey in Idlib. Turkey signed the Sochi agreement with Russia, with the help of mini-group countries such as America, France, Britain, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and the UAE. But it appears that this agreement does not apply, Turkey cannot implement the conditions that it accepted.

So Russia wanted to return to the Sochi meeting, which was held within the framework of the Astana meetings. Russia once again had to put Iran next to it in the agreements. At the Tehran meeting, Iran's demands were clear on Idlib and the region: Turkey's handover of the region to the Syrian regime, but Russia, because of its economic interests and the pressure of the mini-group on the Syrian issue, accepted the Idlib agreement.

Before the upcoming Sochi meeting, there are again preparations for the Syrian regime and its allies in Idlib, with the aim of launching an attack. For some time now, the Syrian regime has been bombing areas under the control of Turkish gangs. This is a policy for the Syrian regime, Iran and Russia, where they intensify attacks before each meeting to impose themselves. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, before the meeting of Putin, Erdogan and Rohani, expressed his support for the Syrian regime's attack on Idlib, where he said, "we cannot talk to the terrorists."

Now, Hayet Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) puts Idlib under its control by 90%. The Turkish state highlighted a position towards Hayet Tahrir al-Sham that the area, which according to Sochi is "demilitarized", is under the control of Hayet Tahrir al-Sham. What is striking is that Russia and Turkey have not moved against Hayet Tahrir al-Sham, which they classify as a "terrorist" organization.

Putin, Erdogan and Rohani meet for Idlib. Putin calls on Erdogan to implement the Sochi agreement, but Erdogan does not want it. Erdogan wants Sochi to continue until the end of local elections in Turkey. Erdogan wants the regime and its allies not to launch an attack on Idlib, not only Erdogan, but America and European countries also do not want to get changes in Idlib until a political solution is found in the framework of the Geneva meetings.

At today's meeting, Erdogan will be given extra time, until the end of the elections in Turkey. But what will Russia ask Turkey for this period? This is what will be the subject of the debate. But Putin's valuable gift to Erdogan will not be without pay. After the local elections in Turkey, had Erdogan handed over Idlib to Russia without fighting, we should not be surprised.



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