Idlib people demonstrated in face of Turkey

Hundreds of people of Bab al-Hewa Crossing of Idlib north Syria demonstrated against the Turkish occupation.

ANHA's sources said, "hundreds of residents of Idlib broke into Bab al-Hawa border crossing with Turkey and demonstrated against the Turkish occupation. The sources said that the people say that Turkey agrees with Russia to destroy Idlib."

Hundreds of Atarib residents protested against the Turkish occupation chanting slogans against Turkey, saying that it was in agreement with Russia to destroy Idlib.

The sources pointed out that the Turkish gendarmerie is firing live bullets to disperse the demonstrators and that there are wounded civilians.

It is noteworthy, that the Syrian Regime and Russia Campaign continues in Idlib after it managed to control the strategic Khanshiekhon city, in addition, Russia says that this campaign is carried out in coordination with Turkey. 



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