Idlib displaced: NE, Syria areas are safest in Syria

The family of displaced Amina al-Abras, narrated her exodus journey with bitterness, where she welcomed with respectful in the areas of NE, Syria, whose areas are being shelled with heavy weapons on an almost daily basis, confirming that the areas of north and east Syria have become the only place enjoyed with stability and security in Syria.

The 57-year-old Amina al-Abras with her displaced family, who was brutally attacked by mercenaries and factions supported by the Turkish occupation, and from the Syrian regime's bombardment of the villages of Jabal al-Zawiya in the western countryside of Idlib city, so she and her family fled to the NE areas of Syria.

Amina al-Abras, from Jabal al-Zawiya villages in Idlib province, is a mother of five, and is currently staying with her family in a house that was given to her by the residents of Jabala al-Hamer village in the western countryside of Manbij, describing their situation is deplorable, they fled from their homes with empty handed, facing bitter cold of the winter, especially they have children

Amina's husband, Ali al-Abaras, 60 years, was killed when the Syrian regime shelled their village a few days before they were displaced from the village, making it more difficult for her.

Amina says they headed towards NE, Syria areas, which has become the only place to enjoy stability and security in Syria, despite the threats of Turkish occupation.

Amina noted that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries prevent people from leaving, and use them as human shields during the Syrian regime's air strikes on the city and villages.

Amina mentioned it was not allowed to pass by the mercenaries before paying money to them. 

Amina said "we have severely suffered the fear of mercenaries and the extreme cold, we stayed on the roads for several days, with children and women without food or drink.

Amina noted that the shelling on their village caused the demolition of their house, as well as the destruction of three nearby houses, and resulted in the death of everyone in those houses, adding that "the worst massacre was committed in front of our eyes".

She thanked Liwaa Thewar Idlib, which is under the banner of SDF, for their efforts to facilitate their passage to safe areas of NE, Syria.



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