Identify security system that protected Manbij

Manbij city and its countryside are today one of the most secure Syrian cities, amid the crisis that has stormed the country for 7 years. This is thanks to the security forces that protect the city.


Manbij city is not the same city as it was 3 years ago, when the most basic forms of social security were lost.

It is paradoxical to compare the current situation and the situation years ago in the city which liberated on August 12, 2016

With the second anniversary of liberation, Manbij lives prosperous days. Today it is considered to be the safest city .

The children of Manbij owe a lot the security forces that protect the city which mediate a sensitive area where many international and regional forces are present. Let us know about that security system.

Manbij Military Council (MMC)

These forces took over the task of liberating the city and responded to the calls launched by the people of Manbij on the pretext of liberating the city. Since then, they have been guarding the borders of Manbij.

Over the past two years, these forces have faced several attacks by mercenaries attempting to threaten the security of Manbij, where all attempts have been foiled.

The number of fighters of the council increased by tens of times after the liberation of the city, as young men and women joined the forces to participate also in protecting the security of the region

The council has 4 military battalions with hundreds of fighters, a military brigade with hundreds of fighters, and preparations for a second brigade.

The commander-in-chief of MMC, Mohammed Abu Adel, said that when Manbij was liberated, the number of their fighters was a little, but the influx increased after the liberation, to the number of thousands.

He pointed out that the functions of the Council are to protect the borders of Manbij (North, South and West) from attacks abroad, while the internal security forces to protect internal security.

They are trained in three academies supported by the International Alliance, with full focus on the tasks of protecting Manbij.

Abu Adel said that the forces of the Council have combat experience in various battles starting from Kobanî and even al-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor, stressing their position on the borders of Manbij and countryside to repel any aggression.

Internal Security Forces

At the start of the liberation campaign of Manbij, the Asayiş Rojava Forces were working to maintain the security of the internally liberated areas behind the forces of MMC, but after the liberation of the city, the ground was set up to form an Internal Security Force especially for Manbij and its people.

These forces were formed in March 2017, and included hundreds of people from Manbij, began to deploy in the neighborhoods of Manbij and villages and set up security barriers to secure peace for the people.

The forces have a training academy in which the members train and the forces have a branch of Emergency and the Traffic Forces.

Hanan Mohammed al-Ali, the Co-chair of the Internal Committee, says the forces are tasked with maintaining security and peace within the walls of Manbij

She stressed that the security situation in the city is stable and safe, pointing out that the delegations that visit the city of Manbij emphasize this and the heavy demand from the cities of northern Syria and overcrowded is evidence of the security and stability of Manbij.

Self Defense Forces

These forces were formed on November 2, 2017 under a law approved by the Legislative Council, which by nature includes the sons of Manbij who join the duty of self-defense to protect their area.

9 months is the duration of service in these forces, which is required for all young men aged between 18 and 30 years .

These forces protect the military positions in Manbij and its environs, as well as stationed at border points to protect Manbij from outside and beside MMC forces .

The Self-Defense Forces has opened 3 military training courses to date, the first course was for participants and the rest for volunteers. While preparing for the opening of the fourth course.

Nufa Suleiman, the Co-chair of the Defense Committee, said that they are working to preserve the security of the borders and will not allow any force to approach them.

She pointed out that the number of participants on the increase and is not as before. While the first course opened by the troops is approaching graduation and received the duty of self-defense handbooks.



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