Ibrahim Qaftan: We must start a campaign to eliminate IS ideologically

Ibrahim Qaftan said that the people must lay down a project and an intellectual basis to eliminate the ideology of IS and pointed out that they have to start a campaign to eliminate Daesh mindset, blessing SDF victory on all people.


This came during an ANHA agency held with the head of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim Qaftan, where Kaftan focused on the mechanism of eliminating IS' ideology and strategy of their party in removing this thought.

The stage needs all the social forces to unite in terms of morality and behavior, so as to start a campaign against ideological thought, Daesh committed during the past years massacres against the people, what is now discussed in how to eliminate this ideology and promote democratic thought in its place. "

"Daesh has gone, but left a bitter mindset and we are afraid that this will play a role in the return of Daesh again."

"We do not want to come back again after years, and the people of the region will start fighting again," he said, adding that "we, as a party, will work with the institutions concerned to eliminate the thought of IS."

"The people should put a project and intellectual foundations to eliminate the thoughts of Daesh, we will not accept that our people be among the projects of others, such as terrorist groups." The people must adopt a project. We liberate northern and eastern Syria only from this thought, but there are our people in Idlib suffering from the scourge of this thought."

At the end of his speech, Qaftan said that they accept any regional authority, "provided that these countries do not have attempts to expand the empire at the expense of the peoples of the Middle East."


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