Ibrahim: Ocalan's visions must be followed to solve problems of ME

Kedim Ibrahim, head of the Future Syria Party branch in Gire/ Tel Abyad, said that Turkey is exporting its problems and failures internally abroad.

Kedim Ibrahim, head of the Future Syria branch in Gire Spi / Tel Abyad, spoke during a meeting with Hawar Agency correspondent to talk about the latest developments regarding the recent Turkish threats to northern and eastern Syria and the letters of the leader Abdullah Ocalan from Imrali prison to revive peace in the region.

"The message of the leader Abdullah Ocalan sent by his lawyer confirms the necessity of saving people from killing, the scourge of war and destruction, and bringing peace, security and stability," Ibrahim said.

As for the Turkish state's hostility to the gains of the people in the Rojava revolution, Kedim Ibrahim said, "Erdogan resort to dirty methods."

" Erdogan is afraid of the political and methodological visions offered by the people of the region, which include citizens, society and the state, and the unity of all the components of northern and eastern Syria, and fears the project of the democratic nation, which thwarted the Brotherhood project, and fears that the project will move to Turkey and the Turkish people and makes Turkey move from the stage of nationalism to the stage of citizenship. "

He pointed out that the implementation of the project of the democratic nation will solve the outstanding points between them and Turkey because this project achieved justice and equality between the components and spectrum without discrimination.

As forto the issue of "safe area" claimed by Turkey, Ibrahim said, " after the major loss of Turkish cities in local elections and the intensification of the economic crisis and the emergence of signs of splits in the Justice and Development Party and the fall of the Turkish lira, all these factors forced Erdogan to export this crisis outside Turkey, so he restored to the project of the safe area. "

He continued, "Erdogan wants to rebuild an Ottoman empire, but the time is over."

Kedim responded to the Turkish president's claim that the current population of Tel Abyad is not indigenous saying, "Turkey uses such terms to carry out its colonial goals, we invite all those interested to know the reality, and come here and make sure, these areas are managed by their military, civilian and service institutions by the Syrian inhabitants of the region.

At the end of his speech, Kedim Ibrahim stressed their keenness to establish the best relations with neighboring countries and the world and the friendly Turkish people, and stressed their keenness to not build enmity between the Turkish and Syrian peoples, and urged the Syrian people to unite and stand together to defend the homeland against the enemies.



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