Hydrocarbons Committee distributes heating oil to Serêkaniyê displaced

The Hydrocarbons Directorate in Tel Tamr district distributed diesel to 4,200 families displaced to the district.

Thousands of Serêkaniyê, Tel Abyad, Tel Tamr, and Zerkan residents were forced to displace due to the attacks of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries. Despite the limited capabilities, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria decided to distribute fuel oil to the displaced families.

In Tel Tamr district and its villages, the diesel was distributed according to the number of the displaced people estimated at 4,200 displaced families.

The Committee started the distribution four days ago through the communes in an attempt to reach all the displaced.

The member of the Hydrocarbons Directorate of Tel Tamr district Salim Darwish indicated that they are seeking to distribute fuel oil to the displaced in all villages.

He said, “The people got out with their clothes because of the attacks of the occupation army and its mercenaries. We have allocated 200 liters of diesel for each family, and we are trying to ensure fuel for our people this winter.”


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