Hussein: SDF not to bow to Russian blackmail, all parties have to sit at dialogue table

Member of the Operating Relation Office in the Syrian Democratic Council, Salam Hussein, that Russians tried to send a message to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), according " bow to our demands", however, our military forces didn’t submit to their demands due to their clinging to their land. As they have a national project focuses on the Syrian unity,

finding national solutions, calling on all the parties that seek to put an end to the conflict in Syria, to sit at the dialogue table for reaching political solutions.

Last week, the Russians withdrew their forces from Ain Issa to Tal al-Samen base in the northern countryside of Al-Raqqa, in a sign to pave the way for more Turkish strikes on the region, and thus put pressure on the SDF, but they soon returned to Ain Issa.

A member of the Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), Selam Hussein, said: “The Syrian crisis is insoluble, for after 10 years, no agreement has been reached on any solution between the conflicting parties in Syria, since the external parties are not serious about finding solutions. "

Hussein added, "Although there is a stalemate on the military side, and this is something new to the Syrian war. Some parties want to achieve more gains on the ground and strengthen their influence, such as the Turkish side that attacked and bombed Ain Issa lately."

Hussein stressed that: "The SDF do not want to waste the liberated areas from the terrorist organization ISIS, and will not hand over their lands, especially to the Turkish occupation army, which occupied large areas of northern Syria, as a result of its compatibility with other forces."

He stated: “The Russians continue to blackmail the SDF for concessions from under the table, but the SDF did not yield to the Russians’ demands, so there was blackmailing in Ain Issa and Tal Tamr to deliver a message, that if they did not fulfill our demands. We will leave the way open for Turkey to occupy more lands. "

Noting: “The SDC and the SDF declare they are open to dialogue with all parties, as they focus on political solutions. Therefore, everyone should sit at the dialogue table, but it seems the Russian side does not, rather seeks concessions from the SDF. "

Hussein pointed out that: "There is an agreement between the Russians and the Turks, that is one of the outcomes of the recent Astana meeting, considered the SDF, the first enemy, despite the fact that the Astana parties hinder the political solution."

In the conclusion of his speech, a member of the Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Salam Hussein asserted that: “The Russians have not succeeded in the process of extortion as a result of the SDF’s attachment to their land. The Syrian Democratic Forces have a national project that focuses on the unity of the Syrian territories and finding political solutions.

He called on the parties that want to end the Syrian conflict: "If the Russians are serious, let us sit at one table and agree on the military side by forming a unified national army, and political solutions that satisfy everyone and prevent the division of Syrian lands, and the expulsion of all external forces from the Syrian land, especially Turkey."



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