Hussein Ali: rights orgs must work to stop Turkish state's violations

The leader of the Kurdish Leftist Party in Syria, Hussein Ali, said that what the Turkish state's practices in Afrin and building the partition wall are contrary to all international laws and conventions. Ali called on the international community to intervene to stop these violations.

Recently, not only the Turkish occupation army began building the partition wall in the occupied city of Afrin to separate it from the Syrian territory and annex it to the Turkish territory, but also is killing the people of Afrin, stealing their property and displacing the people of Afrin from their homes.

The leader of the Kurdish Leftist Party in Syria Hussein Ali spoke to our agency on the subject. He said that the Turkish occupation since its control of the Afrin region seeks to bring about the demographic change and commit grave violations against the people like killing, destruction, displacement and housing of mercenaries, describing these policies as "ethnic cleansing and Turkification policy."

"Today, the Turkish occupation is building the division wall, trying to annex Afrin to the Turkish territory and separating it from the Syrian territory, repeating what it has done in Iskenderun, besides, it occupied other areas of the Syrian territories, such as Azaz, al-Bab and Jarablus and this aims to occupy all lands and massacres against all Syrian components not only the Kurdish people."

"The Syrian state and human rights organizations must play an effective role in preventing these practices and violations against the peoples of the region and the Turkish fascist occupation must be deterred." he said.

"We are in the Democratic Autonomous Administration and the people of northern and eastern Syria need a safe area because the border with the Turkish state is safe, but Turkey is committing grave violations on the Turkish side, where cases of shooting by the Turkish army have been registered, without regard for human rights and the right of neighbor, and Turkey occupies many areas of Syria and the most recent was the region of Afrin, and today we see that the Turkish occupation state aimed at the construction of a separation wall.

He stressed that the safe area imposed by the Turkish occupation state should not be at the expense of gains in the north and east of Syria, and without Turkish intervention, but under international supervision.

On the future of Syria and the resolution of the crisis, Ali said that the horizon of the Syrian solution is still far away because of international conflicts, "and all countries are working for their own agendas, as well as excluding Syrian peoples and components in solving the Syrian crisis. The rights of all the components in which they live, and building a democratic, decentralized and pluralistic Syria."



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