Hunger strike campaigns insist on achieving their goal

The hunger strikers continue their resistance around the world and in the Turkish state prisons demanding to lift the isolation on Ocalan. The parliamentarian Leyla Guven's strike entered its 160th day.

The co-chair of the Democratic Society Conference and MP of Democratic Peoples' Party Leyla Guven began her hunger strike on November 2018 from Amed city's prison. Although the Turkish authorities released Leyla Guven shortly after the strike began, she did not stop and continued the strike at her home.

The member of the Democratic Peoples' Party Nasir Yagiz is also continuing a hunger strike for 147 days in Hweler, along with 14 people in Strasbourg and Imam Shish in Wales for 121 day. In addition to the continuation of the strike of the first group in Turkish prisons for the 122nd day, while the strike of the second group of detainees in Turkish prisons, which began on 1 March entered the 47th day.

In Amed, MPs for the Democratic Peoples' Party, Dêrsim Dag, Tayyip Taml and Morad Sarisaj, have been on hunger strike in the party building since March 3.

The strikers, who began a hunger strike in Turkish prisons and were later released are still on hunger strike. The strike of Sadat Akin, who began his hunger strike from Arzinjan Prison and then released, is continuing the strike at home for the 102nd day.

Gharabt Akterin is continuing her hunger strike for the 92nd day, as well as Ihsan Senmish (49th day), who began the strike on March 1 at Salveri Prison in Istanbul, is continuing his strike at his home in Istanbul's Kojukujkmja district after he was released on March 11.

Fardi Karabay is continuing his hunger strike, which he began on March 1 at Bujay Prison in Izmir and was released on 22 March to continue his strike at home, and Samra Alkan in Izmir (97th day).

In addition to the continuation of Yusef Eba in Toronto, Canada (95 days), Mustafa Tuzak Duisburg (94 days), Hussein Yildiz (89 days), Hasbi Jakji (88 days).

In the martyr Rustam Judy camp (Makhmour), Fadilah Took is continuing the strike for the 87th day, Shiyar Khalil in Nurinburg (83 days), Jamal Kobani, Omar Bakedur in Kassel (78 days), Shivan Akaukulu and Sultan Yekket in the Austrian capital Vienna (71 days), Mohamed Ali Koçer in front of the UN building in Geneva (60 days), Nahida Zengin, Mohamed Saeed Yilmaz and Ali Buiraz in London (31 days), Hareem Mahmoud (52 days), Kolbakh Jalal for 31st day.

Self-sacrifices operations

On 20 February, Okor Shaker set fire to his body in front of a court in the German city of Krefeld in protest against the isolation imposed on Ocalan as he was seriously wounded, and martyred on March 22.

Along with Zulkuv Kazan on 17 March at Tkradag Prison, Eytan Bajt on 23 March in Kebziya Prison, Zahrat Saglam on 24 March in Ultoy Prison, Media Jenar on 25 March at Merdin Prison, Yunga Akgi on 1 April who is currently being held at the Shakran Women's Prison, Siraj Yoksek on April 2 in Osmaniya Prison and finally, Masoum Pamay in Gharbiti Prison who carried out commando operations and martyred, condemning the isolation imposed on Ocalan.



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