Hundreds offered condolences to families of "Battle to Defeat Terrorism" martyrs

Hundreds of people from the districts of Çilaxa and Tal Koçer offered condolences to the families of 3 fighters who were martyred during their participation in the “Battle to Defeat Terrorism."


Hundreds of people and fighters gathered in the tent of condolence in Çilaxa district to offer condolences to the families of the martyrs "Ayman al-Hamo, whose nom de guerre is Serbest Girgê Legê, Ali Mubarak whose nom de guerre is Zagros Çilaxa, and Mohammed al-Hassoud, his whose nom de guerre Mazloum Dugan, who were martyred during their participating in the Battle to Defeat Terrorism", the latest phase of al-Jazeera Tempest campaign.

The funeral ceremony began with holding a minute of silence, then, the commander of People Protection Units Dijwar Masoum delivere1d a speech in which he said, "our martyrs sacrificed their lives for the revolution of humanity and dignity, and the path of our martyrs is the path of freedom, which leads us to live in freedom and dignity."

The funeral ceremony ended with slogans that glorify the martyr.



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