Hundreds of fighters joined Self-Protection Forces in al-Raqqa

In order to strengthen the defense and protection system, especially in light of the Turkish aggression, the Martyr Ahmed al-Ali Academy of the Self-Defense Duty in al-Raqqa opened on Wednesday within a ceremony the third training course for volunteers from al-Raqqa city and its countryside, which held the name of the Martyr Mohammed Ali Hesso.

This course included hundreds of fighters from different areas of al-Raqqa who joined the ranks of the Self-Protection Forces. Moreover, a number of the civil and military institutions in al-Raqqa attended the opening ceremony.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the volunteers performed a military parade coinciding with a minute of silence, followed by a speech by the Co-chair of the Defense Office of al-Raqqa Civil Council Samira al-Ahmed, in which she congratulated the volunteers on this step which would strengthen the defense system, contribute to the protection of northern and eastern areas of Syria from any threat and be a supporter of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

She also assured, "The self-defense is a national, moral and humanitarian duty of every individual to defend their borders, their homeland, the people of their country and their institutions in accordance with the legitimate principles of self-defense."

At the end of the opening ceremony, the volunteers swore the military oath, pledging to follow the path of the martyrs and safeguard the dignity and protection of their people.

It is noteworthy that the martyr Mohammed Hesso was martyred during the campaign to liberate al-Raqqa city from ISIS.


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