Humbleness is one of most important features  of leader, Ocalan

Khalil Bilal, who met leader Ocalan in the 1990s, called to adhere to the philosophy of the leader Ocalan to achieve the goals of the revolution.  He referred to the leader humbleness that changed the concept of the leadership personality.

During his presence in Syria, Ocalan has been in direct contact with various social media from Syria's various components and Rojava. Many residents still remember the details of their first meeting with leader Ocalan.

Khalil Bilal, a patriotic personality who introduced to the Kurdish Liberation Movement in 1987 and did regional activities. he first met with leader Abdullah Ocalan In 1997 in Aleppo.

Khalil Bilal says meeting   Ocalan was a dream for him. It came true in March 1997, when he was invited to an extended meeting of Aleppo residents.

I was in the village and we were invited to a meeting without giving details about the nature or location of the meeting," Bilal said. From the village we headed to Aleppo. That was the first time I met the leader Ocalan."

 'Ocalan's humility caught the attention of all participants in the meeting'

 Khalil Bilal says that what caught his attention for the first time in the leader's personality is his great humility with the people. He says in this regard: "When the leader entered the room, he looked at all the attendees, and then apologized for being late for the meeting because of his participation in a live broadcast on MED TV, I was very surprised, and I started thinking about his humble personality," he said

Bilal says Ocalan's humility has changed the concepts that have been in people's minds about the nature of leaders over the years.

Bilal said: "We talked to the leader about the history of the revolutions in Kurdistan and the PKK, about the resistance of fighters in the mountains and resistance to the militants in the jails, and that information remains in our minds to the day." 

Bilal said that Ocalan likened the revolution to the train that continues to follow its track: "The train continues its journey, stands at some stations, some of them will get off, some will get on, but eventually the train will reach its target."

Leader Abdullah Ocalan also spoke "about the importance of women's role in society and their direct association in the organization of society, and stressed the need to develop the women's revolution".  

Bilal noted that Ocalan had a lengthy dialogue with the people, opened the door to discussion and question, and listened to their opinions on various topics related to the revolution.

Khalil Bilal called for deeper look in the philosophy of Leader Abdullah Ocalan to achieve the goals of the revolution and the unity of the Kurdish people.



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