​​​​​​​humanitarian aid distributed to refugees in Newroz camp in Derik

The Kurdish Red Crescent, in cooperation with the organization of the martyr Fakher Mirka Sori from Başûr Kurdistan, offered assistance to the displaced in Nowruz camp in the Derik region.

On October 9 of this year, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries been  launching their attacks on the regions of NE,Syria and committed henius massacres against civilians.

The Turkish attacks caused in the displacement of hundreds of thousands of civilians from the areas of Serêkaniyê and GIRÊ SPî and headed towards other areas in NE Syria, after the  administration opened the camps and provided them with assistance

Today, in cooperation with the Kurdish Red Crescent, the organization Martyr Fakher Merkeh Sori specialized in Education from Başûr Kurdistan offered assistance to the displaced in Newroz camp, in Derik region

The assisstances included aid like food, heating, and other supplies.



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