Human shields activity in Tell Abyad conclude asserting on resistance

Co-chair of Girê Spi/ Tall Abyad Provincial Council said that the activities of resisting the threats of the Turkish state will continue, in a speech to the co-presidency of the council during the last day of human shields in the canton.

Forty days after its inception, the people of Girê Spi ended the activities of human shields, which began in July 18, condemning the Turkish threats to the areas of northern and eastern Syria in the neighborhood of Al-Muntabah, opposite the Turkish-Syrian border.

During the last day, which was attended by hundreds of people as well as members of civil institutions and military forces, the administration of Gire Spi said that anti-Turkish activities will continue, but in different forms and methods.

The co-chairmanship of the Girê Spi County Council, Hifi Ismail and Hamid al-Abed, thanked all those who participated in the activities of the human shields, including members of civil, service and military institutions, Society Protection Forces, the people of the province and the people of northern and eastern Syria who stood by the people of Girê Spi.

"We are peace advocates, not war advocates, we are the owners of the land. Turkey claims that it will protect its security and borders, but the fact is that our regions are really safe," said Hamid al-Abdul, the co-chair of Girê Spi council.

In his speech, Hamid appealed to displaced Syrians living in Turkey to return to their land and their country, and expressed the hope that they contribute to the defense of their land and not become tools in the hands of Turkey.

Hamid al-Abed sent a message to the Turkish people about the need to rise up in the face of Turkish policies. "If people ever want to live, fate must respond, the people must rise up and not accept the usurpation of their will and the exclusion of mayors."

Hamid Al-Abed, co-chairman of Girê Spi Council, said that the activities condemning the occupation will continue in other ways, and that they will continue to struggle until they achieve their legitimate rights.

For her part, the co-chair of the Girê Spi/ Tall Abyad Provincial Council, Hevi Ismail, thanked all the women who participated in the activities of human shields.

The activities of the human shields ended on its 40th day by chanting slogans that salute the unity of peoples, calling for coexistence and rejecting the Turkish occupation.


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