Human Rights Organization: What is happening in Afrin is a war crime, criminals must be tried

The Human Rights Organization in the region of Afrin documented a series of violations and crimes committed by the Turkish army and its mercenaries against the people of Afrin in May and June. The officials of the organization confirmed that the atrocities' practices of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are considered war crimes against humanity and appealed to the international community to prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes.

The Turkish occupation's violations are escalating day by day against Afrin people and. For the past year and a half, horrible crimes have been committed, such as murder, kidnapping, rape, ransom and burning forests.

Human rights organization in the region of Afrin documented during the month of June a total of violations committed by Turkish occupation army's mercenaries.

According to the official spokesman of the Human Rights Organization of the region of Afrin Ibrahim Shiekho, Ferqat al-Hamzat's mercenaries, which controls on large areas of the center of Afrin district and Janders and Shrawa's district and its villages and supported by the so-called military police in Afrin, carried out a large number of arrests and raids in the villages in Jandres district's villages (Keferzeyt, Telef, Gûziyê, Kefer Delê Fawqani and Tahtani) On 20 and 21 June 2019. Mayor of the village of Keferzeyt, Zuhair Aziz, 50, and his son Ibrahim Aziz, 15, and Mohammed Farid, 40, and Khalil Hassan Abdo, 60, Abdo Mahmoud, 36, Mohammed Hasan, 50, his son Bashar Mohammed Hassan, 15, Ali Ghula Khairy, 39 were arrested.

"On 21/6/2019, the Turkish occupation's mercenaries arrested Haj Khalil Omar, 80 years old, from the village of Kefer Delê al-Fawqani, where they beat him and insulted him and robbed him of money."

On 14/6/2019, the Turkish occupation's mercenaries arrested the citizen who is at 70 years, Hussein Arab Ismail in Shia district on charges of immoral and they tied him from his foot and threw him in the well in his house and stole 400 thousand SP. Ismail is known as a peaceful man and has no problems with anyone, and Turkish occupation's mercenaries uses these arguments to blackmail the people.

Al-Emasht faction belongs to Turkish occupation on 18/6/2019, Where the citizen Sabriya Darwish was being expelled from the village of Qermitik from her home and forced her to pay $ 500 in order to return to her home and $ 1800 in order to return of agricultural tractor, and $ 2000 to stay in her home or otherwise will be expelled and the resettlement of a family of mercenaries in her home.

Burning bodies ... Turkey like Daesh in its atrocities' practices 

Ibrahim Shikho said: "On 19/5/2019, the citizens of Rasheed Hamid Khalil, Sharaf al-Din Sido and the child Mohammed Rashid Khalil were kidnapped and murdered in the city of 'Azaz and asked for a ransom of $ 100,000. The parents were unable to pay this amount. After four days, 5/2019 The mercenaries killed Rashid Hamid Khalil and threw his body in one of the orchards near the village of Qustal Jendu and on his body the effects of torture and dismemberment.

"On June 23, 2019, the body of Sharaf al-Din Sido, 60, was found burned and his body was thrown in the same place as the body of Rashid Hamid Khalil."

"The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation on 24/6/2019 to burn Rustam Mesto of the people of the village of Axcelê after being kidnapped earlier."

The Global Community must move immediately to reduce abuses in Afrin

The official spokesman of the Human Rights Organization Ibrahim Shiekho appealed to concerned international and human rights organizations and the United Nations to put pressure on Turkey and its mercenaries to stop the violations and massacres against Afrin residents and to immediately withdraw from Afrin canton and to refer the perpetrators of these crimes to the competent international courts and open the way for displaced people to return to their lands and homes and their properties and their livelihood.



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