Human Rights Org: Turkish occupation’s mercenaries kidnap 4 citizens from Shiya district

Special sources told the Human Rights Organization Afrin-Syria that the mercenaries of Sultan Suleiman Shah, led by mercenaries, Muhammad Jassim Abu Amsha, kidnapped a number of civilians in the villages of Shiya district.

The Human Rights Organization, Afrin-Syria, reported that on the 27th of this month, the mercenaries of Sultan Suleiman Shah had kidnapped four citizens from the village of Tarmisha in Shiya district of the occupied Afrin region.

According to the organization, the kidnapped are: "Farid Khalil Sido, 20 years old, and citizen Fawzi Nuri Hassan, 30 years old, Esmat Ahmed Khalil, 27 years old, Kamal Hassan Ahmed, 28 years old."

The organization confirmed that the mercenaries took the kidnapped civilians to an unknown destination, and that their fate remains unknown until now.



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