Human Rights –Afrin: mass grave likely of Afrinians missing in Turkish-mercenary jails

Human Rights Organization-Afrin –Syria indicated that the mass grave discovered is more likely of Afrinian missing in jails run by Turkish occupation as well as mercenary groups calling on international human rights to be given access to Afrin to verify reality on the ground.

Yesterday, a mass grave was unveiled in Afrin by mercenary groups affiliated to the Turkish occupation forces homing 35 unknown bodies on which social media by mercenary groups as well as Turkish official accounts released fake news alleging that the bodies are persons killed at the hands of the Peoples' Defence Forces, the YPG, prior to the Turkish occupation of Afrin.

Human Rights Organization-Afrin –Syria published a statement on its official account on social media in which it was indicated that the newly dug up soil of the mass grave corroborates more likely that the bodies it homes are of missing Afrinians that held at prisons run by both mercenary groups and the Turkish occupation forces in the last three years and were executed on different occasions. 

At the end of the statement it was confirmed that footage and pieces of news circulated on accounts run by mercenary groups and the Anadolu Agency of the Turkish regime are bodies of those went missing prior to the occupation of the city of Afrin in 2018.

Human Rights Organization-Afrin –Syria called on the international organization, the United Nations, human rights and civil society associations to go to Afrin and do autopsies to verify identities of victims for the justice to be done and to refute what is being circulated on the Anadolu Agency and other media outlets run by mercenary groups.



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