Huge Fire in Ain ISSA

A huge fire destroyed thousands of hectares of agricultural land in the countryside of Ain Issa.

A huge fire broke out at 10:00 am on the agricultural fields in the southwestern part of Ain Issa, and thousands of hectares of agricultural land were burnt in the area.

The fire started from the village of Khalidiya sheiokhs in the eastern part of the village of Abu Sousse, passing through the villages of Nasiriyah and Muwaylih to the east on an area of ​​width of approximately 10 km and length of more than 10 kilometers according to the estimates of the residents.

The wind contributed to the increase in flames, which contributed to the burning of large areas, it is worth mentioning that the only fire engine of the People's Municipality in the area arrived late to the scene of the fire.

It is worth mentioning that this second fire during this week, where more than 800 hectares were burned in the western side of Ain Issa on 17 May this month.

ANHA reporters left the fire at 1:30 pm while the fire was still burning.



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