HRW: Turkish police and security forces committed serious violations

Human Rights Watch called on the Turkish authorities, on Wednesday, to investigate possible torture and ill-treatment by security forces in Istanbul and in the southeast of the country.

The organization pointed out in a report that "there is reliable evidence showing that police and security forces in Turkish neighborhoods have committed serious violations against at least 14 people in six incidents in Diyarbakir (southeast) and Istanbul during the past two months."

The reported cases were among the worrying incidents of violent arrest, beatings, and other types of violations, according to the organization.

"Human Rights Watch" called on the Turkish authorities to investigate this matter, according to "AFP."

In June, the Turkish parliament passed a controversial bill that greatly enhances the powers of "Neighborhood Guards" who conduct night patrols to report thefts and breaches of public order, i.e. the same powers as police officers, including the possession and use of firearms.

In two of the cases reported to Human Rights Watch, the police reportedly entered homes and instigated their dogs to attack the victims, who had biting traces on their bodies.

It also cited two cases in which detainees suspected of involvement in the killing of police officers were beaten and abused, according to the pictures published on special pages on social media.

Human Rights Watch confirmed that it reviewed legal and medical documents relating to reported cases, and interviewed witnesses and victims, their lawyer, and their families.

The organization stated that the authorities denied the allegations of abuse in four cases, without conducting any investigation.

Commenting on the police denial of allegations of abuse, Tom Porteous, deputy director of programs at Human Rights Watch, said: "The automatic denial by the police of reports of abuse, torture and ill-treatment is unfortunately familiar, but unacceptable."

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