HRO in Afrin – Syria considers the killing child Nihad Sheikho as human trafficking crime

The official spokesman for the Human Rights Organization, Afrin, Syria, described the killing of the child Khalil Nihad Sheikho on the Syrian-Turkish border as one of the crimes of human trafficking, stressing that the number of crimes committed by the Turkish occupation since the beginning of the Syrian revolution in 2011 against the Syrians who lost their lives by Turkish gendarmerie arrived to 464 Syrian citizens.

On the 3rd of August, Turkish gendarmerie killed 16-year-old Khalil Nihad Sheikho, from the village of Farkan belonging to Shara in the occupied Afrin region.

He was hot by three bullets while trying to flee from Turkish occupation mercenaries' atrocities in occupied Afrin, and he was transported to a hospital in the Turkish city of Kilis to be dissected and stolen organs from his body.

During a meeting of Hawar news agency ANHA with Ibrahim Sheikho, official spokesman for the human rights organization Afrin - Syria, he considered the murder of the child Khalil Nihad Sheikho and theft organs parts of his body by the Turkish occupation far from humanity, and it is considered a war crime, and international and child rights organizations must Holding the Turkish state accountable for its actions against civilians and children in Afrin.

Ibrahim Sheikho confirmed: "The number of Syrian dead who were killed by Turkish gendarmerie since the beginning of the Syrian crisis reached 464 citizens, and that the violations committed by the Turkish occupation of civilians in occupied Afrin are in violation of international laws and treaties issued by the United Nations."

78 citizens, including women, were kidnapped in Afrin during the month of July

Sheikho pointed out that the number of people kidnapped by the Turkish intelligence services and the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation during the month of July last in the occupied canton of Afrin reached about 78 citizens, including 4 women and four settlers, 12 civilians were tortured, including one woman, and the loss of three children.



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