HRE kill 6 mercenaries in two ops

No less than six mercenaries have been killed and six others got wounded in two operations that Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) have carried out in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

Afrin Liberation Forces have carried out two operations in Kafr Khashir village and Mare’ city related to Azaz area in the northern countryside of Aleppo, the operations resulted in killing at least six mercenaries and wounding six others, as well as destroying vehicles belonging to the mercenaries.

HRE released a statement in this concern about the details of the operation, it included:

On August 22, our forces carried out a qualitative operation targeting the positions and fortifications of Turkey-backed mercenaries in Kafr Khashir related to Azaz area, where our forces attacked the positions of the mercenaries from two axes and clashed with them face to face killing four of the so-called Jabha Shamia and wounding six other mercenaries.

On August 23, our forces detonated IED at a military vehicle of the so-called Jabha Shamia in the environs of Mare’ city, it was confirmed that two mercenaries killed and the vehicle was destroyed.

In coincidence with that, the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries affiliated to it shelled the populated al-Shahba area with artillery, and tanks the villages of Minagh, Ain Daqna, Tal Madiq, where they inflicted huge damage to civilians’ houses and orchards.



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