HRE inflict blows to Turkey-backed mercenaries in Mare', Bab

Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) revealed the outcome of two qualitative operations-in a statement today- carried out against Turkey occupation's mercenaries in Mare' and the countryside of Bab, it resulted in killing at least five mercenaries and wounding a number of them.

The statement included:

Our forces have carried out operations against Turkish-backed terrorists in Bab and Mare’.

Our fighters have targeted a vehicle belonging to Turkish-backed Jaysh al-Watani in Mare’ on April 24. The vehicle was destroyed but the number of casualties couldn’t be clarified.

Our forces have raided positions of Turkish-backed jihadist group Firqat al-Hamza on two fronts in village of Dakhlibash of Bab, where our fighters engaged in clashes with the terrorists. Another group of terrorists who were trying to intervene were targeted and 4 terrorists were killed while 3 others got injured.

A motorbike carrying terrorists was targeted in the same area. 1 terrorist was killed; another one was injured as result of the operation.

As result of the series of operations our forces have conducted, at least 5 Turkish-backed terrorists were killed, 4 got injured. 3 AK-47’s, a M240 heavy machine gun and a mobile phone were captured.

Afrin Liberation Forces

April 26, 2019


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