HRE drops Turkish drone in Afrin

The Afrin Liberation Forces HRE shot down a "Phantom 4" drone, belonging to the Turkish occupation army, in Afrin, and the forces indicated that one of the injured in the operation in Afrin had died.

The Afrin Liberation Forces HRE issued a statement to the public opinion about their forces dropping drone belongs to Turkish occupation in Afrin.

The text of the statement read:

On the eighth of this month, our forces on the Afrin fronts were able to shoot down a drone (Phantom 4) of the Turkish occupation forces.

In the statement we announced yesterday regarding the results of the mine operation that was carried out on the sixth of March in Afrin and the injury of mercenaries there, it was later revealed, according to some sources, that one of the mercenaries had died in the hospital.

The Turkish occupation army continues its heavy weapons attacks on the region. "




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