HRE carry out operations in Azaz countryside

 HRE announced operations carried out in the northern countryside of Aleppo against mercenary gangs belonging to Turkey, and said that the Turkish occupation army bombed populated villages.

A written statement to the Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) said:

"On September 24, our forces carried out an operation targeting the attempts of the Turkish occupation mercenaries to build fortifications in the outskirt of the village of Kafr Kalbin belongs to Azaz region, where a military vehicle dedicated to fortifications was destroyed.

On 24 September, our forces carried out a sniper attack in the outskirt of the town of Marea targeting a gathering of mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, resulted in the killing one mercenary.

During the period 23-24 September, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries intensified the shelling on populated areas in the villages of Shara (Marnaz, al-Malikiyah) and Bashmra villages in Sherawa district, as well as al-Shahba areas' villages (Harbel, Sheikh Issa, and Samuqa) with mortar and artillery shells, causing material damage to the homes and farms of the residents. "





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