HRE announce elimination of 7 Turkey-backed mercenaries

The Afrin Liberation Forces announced the elimination of 7 of the Turkish occupation mercenaries and the injury of 5 others, in addition to destroying two military vehicles as they have carried out a series of operations.

The Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) have issued today a statement to the public opinion regarding its operations against the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in and around Afrin.

In their statement today, the forces noted that they had carried out a series of specific operations targeting a checkpoint of mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in the area between the villages of Berbatty and Qobi, which are located in Rajo district, and other operations in the village of Zary of the district of Balbalah, as well as the village of Basuta of Sherawa district.

The forces stated that they had killed 7 mercenaries during the operations and wounded 5 others, as well as destroying two military vehicles.

On the other hand, the Afrin Liberation Forces noted in the statement that the Turkish occupation continues its shelling of civilian areas in the villages of Sherawa district with heavy rockets and artillery.


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