HRE announce a fighter’s martyrdom record

The Afrin Liberation Forces declared that one of its fighters has fell martyr while participating in the second phase of Resistance of the Age on March 9.

Afrin Liberation Forces issued a statement to the public today regarding the martyrdom of one of its fighters while resisting the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

In the statement, HRE said that their fighter Zinar had grown up in a national family, and with his participation in the resistance against the Turkish occupation, he had an important and pioneering role.

The statement continued: While carrying out the tasks entrusted to him and standing against the occupation attacks, our companion Zanar joined the martyrs convoy.

Afrin Liberation Forces, in its statement, offered condolences to the family of the martyr and his companions, and pledged to continue the struggle until reaching victory.

The record of the martyr, Zanar, according to the statement is:

Nom de Guerre: Zinar Amed

Name and surname: Muslim Corgi

Mother's name: Shahnaz

Father's name: Muhammad

Place of birth: Afrin

Place and date of martyrdom: 2nd phase of the Resistance of the Age / 9 March 2020



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