HRE: 9 mercenaries killed, 7 wounded in a series of operations

The Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) carried out a series of specific operations in Marea and Izaz, and confirmed the killing of 9 mercenaries, the injury of 7 others, and the seizure of two AK-47 weapons.

The Afrin Liberation Forces issued a statement to the public opinion, revealing a series of operations carried out by its forces against the mercenaries of the Turkish Invading Army in Marea and Izaz.

The statement included:

"Our forces in Azaz area, in front of the village of Kafr Khashir and Kafr Kalbin, carried out a specific operation, in which 3 mercenaries from Jabha Shamiya and Ahrar Shamal were killed and 4 others were wounded, and a point was destroyed to fight and seize two AK-47 weapons.

Our forces conducted a qualitative operation in the Marea area against a mercenary checkpoint of the mercenary Sultan al-Fatih Brigade, in which 2 mercenaries were killed and 3 others were wounded.

Our forces conducted a qualitative operation with explosives in Marea area of ​​the village of Hazwan, in which at least 3 mercenaries were killed.

Our forces carried out an assassination in Marea area of ​​Tawisa, in which a mercenary of the Turkish army was killed.

The Turkish Invading Army and its terrorist factions also bombed the villages of Sherawa and Shera districts and the Shahba district with mortars.

As a result of February 12 operations, as follows: 9 mercenaries were killed and 7 wounded.

Afrin Liberation Forces

February 14, 2020


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