HRE: 6 jihadists killed in Sherawa, including a commander

HRE's Media Center said, "Our forces continue to carry out effective operations against soldiers of the Turkish army and terrorists under their control in Afrin and its surroundings."

HRE's Media Center issued a statement on the operations carried out by HRE in which it said:" On July 23rd in the village of Fafirtin of Shera town, our forces carried out an operation against the base and positions of the Turkish-backed jihadist gang “Feyleq El-Sham. The operation was carried out from a short distance. As a result of this operation, 3 jihadists were killed and a further 2 were injured and 3 positions of the mentioned gang were destroyed.

Simultaneously, a number of jihadists that attempted to give backup to the above mentioned group were targeted with a sabotage operation carried out by our forces as the jihadists were on the entrance-road to Fafirtin. As a result of the sabotage operation in total 3 jihadists were killed, among those was the commander of the Feyleq Al-Sham jihadist gang by the name of Yasin Ibrahim Mensur and his assistant, and a further 1 was injured. A military vehicle was also destroyed.

As a result of these two operations carried out by our forces, 6 jihadists were killed, among those a commander, 3 were injured and a military vehicle was destroyed."

Afrin Liberation Forces

July 24th 2019



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