HRE: 5 Tukish occuoation mercenaries killed in Afrin

Afrin Liberation Forces(HRE) said that their troops repelled the attacks of the Turkish army and their jihadist gangs and they have killed 5 mercenaries.

Our forces repelled the attacks of the invading Turkish Army on the villages of Shera

The invading Turkish Army and their jihadist gangs have been increasing their activities in the Afrin region in the last days. They have been carrying out an endless number of attacks on the southern and south-western areas of Afrin, especially the villages of Shera and Sherava. Our forces raised their level of resistance against the attacks and replied to the attacks of the occupying enemy.

On July 20th the invading Turkish Army and their affiliated jihadist gangs attacked Merenaz, Maliki, Shevarikha villages of Shera town by the use of Haubitzer artillery. Under the rain of artillery fire, they wanted to proceed forwards to the vicinity of Merenaz. Under those circumstances, clashes broke out between our forces and the enemy which lasted for more than 6 hours. Our fighters repelled all attempted attacks of the enemy. As a result of the clashes, 5 jihadists of the El Shimal Brigade and Jabha al-Shammiya groups and a further 6 were injured. 3 Turkish soldiers were also injured.

Simultaneously, the invading Turkish Army and their jihadist gangs fired artillery at civilians until the hours of night. Because of this, huge material damages were inflicted on civilian houses in the villages of Shevarikha, Maliki and Merenaz.

Afrin Liberation Forces

July 21st 2019



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