HRE: 4 Turkish-backed jihadists killed in Sherawa

HRE continue without break to inflict damages and casualties on the Turkish army and their affiliated proxy-gangs in occupied Afrin.

The Media Center of HRE issued a statement on the operation carried out by HRE.

The statement said:

On July 5th our forces carried out an operation using light and middle-classed assault weaponry against a number of jihadists from the so-called Ahrar Al-Sham gang on the Basut-Khezawi road of Sherawa town. A number of the mentioned group was killed during the clashes. Simultaneously with the clashes between our forces and Ahrar Al-Sham, a group of jihadists attempted to give backup to the group our forces were engaged in clashes with but were not successful and our forces targeted them with a sabotage action. As a result of both actions 4 Turkish-backed jihadists were killed and further 4 were injured.

Afrin Liberation Forces

July 7th 2019



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