HRE: 2 Turkish occupation's soldiers killed ,4 others wounded in booby-trapped operation

2 Soldiers of the Turkish occupation killed and 4 others got wounded in HRE operation carried out in Burj Haidar village belonging to Sherawa district

HRE revealed in its statement the details of the operation which carried out against the Turkish occupation army in Sherawa district.

The text of the statement came:

On February 24, our forces near the village of Burj Haidar, in Sherawa district, carried out a booby-trapped operation against the Turkish invasion army. In the end, two soldiers were killed and 4 others were wounded.

In the outcome of the bombing of the Turkish army on the aforementioned day, a civilian rose to the rank of martyrdom, and two others were wounded, as warplanes and drones are hovering in the sky pf the area.



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