HRE: 2 soldiers Killed, 5 others wounded in qualitative operation

​​​​​​​2 Turkish soldiers have been killed and 5 others wounded in qualitative operation carried out by HRE against Turkish occupation army in Sherawa and Shara villages.

The Afrin Liberation Forces HRE issued a statement to the public opinion, revealing the outcome of their operations in the Afrin areas.

The text of the statement:

Our operations continue against the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions in the Afrin region and its environs.

Our forces carried out two qualitative operations against the Turkish invasion army, and it came within its framework.

"On December 11, in the village of Basofan, in the district of Sherawa, and with a qualitative operation, our forces targeted a military base of the Turkish invasion army, which resulted in killing two soldiers and wounding 5 others.

 On the same day, our forces targeted a military base of the invading army in Miramin area of ​​Shara district, but we could not know the outcome.

For its part, the invasion army and its mercenaries bombed the villages of Bashmara, Sugunaki, Tanb, Shawarja, Malikiyah, and Mernaz, with rockets and artillery.

The village of Shawarja was also bombed by drones, causing material damage to civilians' properties.



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