HRE: 14 Turkish  soldier, mercenaries killed in Afrin, Sherawa

Afrin Liberation Forces said that their troops carried out a series of operations against the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in Afrin and Sherawa district in the 2 last weeks

The HRE media center issued a statement in regard of the operations carried by the fighters of the HRE.

The text of the statement:

On June 26 our troops ambushed the soldiers of the Turkish occupation on the road between Afrin city and Basota village of Sherawa district where heavy clashes broke out between the HRE fighters and the soldiers of the Turkish occupation resulted in killing a soldiers of the Turkish occupation and wounding 7 soldiers.

On June 27 the  troops of HRE carried out an attack from 2 axis on Kebashin hill of Sherawa district and an observation point for the army of the Turkish occupation in the same area where the troops clashed with them and resulted in killing 4 soldiers and wounding a mercenary.

In conjunction with these operation the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries sent a number of the mercenaries to comb the area where our troops targeted a group of them resulted in killing 5 mercenaries and wounding 2 others in addition to targeting military points which resulted in killing 3 mercenaries and wounding a number of them  .

In these clashes one of our fighters was wounded.

On June 27 our troops detonated an explosive device which targeted a headquarter of the Military Police in Ternda neighborhood of Afrin City, where 1 mercenary killed and 1 other wounded.

The death toll of the clashes: more than 14 soldiers and mercenaries were killed and a number were wounded. 



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