HPG: Turkish occupation attacks aim to empty area of ​​its population

On Thursday (June 27th), the Media Center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) issued a statement revealing military operations the Guerrilla fighters carried out against the Turkish occupation army, pointing out that the air raids the Turkish warplanes launched aim to empty the area of ​​its population.

The statement said that the guerrillas carried out on Wednesday, an attack on a group of special units of the Turkish occupation army in the area, "Serhed" in northern Kurdistan, as part of the revolutionary campaign, "victory", adding, "Our forces were able to inflict heavy losses in the ranks of the enemy army, killing a number of soldiers and wounding others, in addition to destroying three heavy weapons of the A4. The combat helicopters rushed to retrieve the bodies of the soldiers killed and transferred the injured off the battlefield."

The statement continued: "At 19:15 on the same day, as part of the revolutionary campaign of "Martyrs Bakr and Ronya, the Guerrilla fighters carried out an attack on the points of concentration of the Turkish occupation army in the area between the area of Cilê and Colemêrg, destroyed the enemy's earthwork, and it was confirmed that a Turkish soldier was killed."

The statement pointed out that the military aircraft of the Turkish occupation army, launched this morning air raids on the lawful defense areas (Medya), during which it bombarded the concentration points of the Guerrilla on the "martyr Beritan " hill in the area of ​​Khakork, along with a similar bombing of the hill "Martyr Pling " in the region, adding "the Turkish aircraft targeted the village of "Koshin" in the area of ​​Zap with heavy shelling, resulting in huge fires in the agricultural land, in addition to the killing of a citizen 'Mansour Nafi' and wounding three civilians.

In its statement, the People's Defense Forces (HPG) noted that the Turkish state seeks, through air and ground bombardments to empty areas of southern Kurdistan, noting that not only does the Turkish state target the Kurdistan Liberation Movement, but also aims  "to control most of the territory of the region aiming through its attacks to force the people to leave their land and thus enable their control over the entire south of Kurdistan, and every side that turns a blind eye to Turkey's plans and attacks on the region is a partner in the killing of innocent civilians.

The main objective of the attacks on the territory of southern Kurdistan is to strike at the presence of the Kurdish people on its historic land, and also to break attempts to establish a national unity among all Kurdish parties. We call on our people to reject these attacks and at the same time pledge that we, the Guerrilla fighters, will not allow all such attacks without an appropriate response. We also offer condolences to the people of Mansour Nafi, who died in one of these treacherous attacks, and wish them and our people in southern Kurdistan patience and solace."


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